The SPF Edinburgh Episode List

Episode One: Halloween (Listen)

–  History of Halloween
–  Halloween’s Americanization
–  Geopolitical Context of Horror Films

Episode Two: Hidden Histories of Edinburgh (Listen)

–  Greyfriars Bobby
–  Green Spaces in Edinburgh
–  The Edinburgh Vaults

Episode Three: A Very Special Musical Guest (Listen)

–  The Black Law Wind Farm
–  Colonial Medicine in India
–  Jack & Helen

Episode Four: Hidden Histories of Edinburgh II (Listen)

–  Local Knowledge & Germaine Greer
–  The Geology of Arthur’s Seat
–  The Real Mary King’s Close

Episode Five: Animals (Listen)

–  Eating Animals and Peter Singer
–  Animals & Religion
–  Animals & Domestication

Episode Six: Make It So (Listen)

–  The Ethics of Star Wars & Star Trek
–  Some Rubbish Fieldwork

Episode Seven: Christmas (Listen)

–  Contested Landscapes of Christmas Lights

Episode Eight: New Season, New Studio (Listen)

–  What is Geography
–  Wheel of Disagreement: Manifest Destiny

Episode Nine: Sleepless on the Sea of Tranquility (Listen)

–  The GDP of Middle Earth
–  Wind Power & NIMBYs
–  Special Soundscape on Moon Exploration

Episode Ten: The Pale Blue Dot (Listen)

– Environmental Impacts
–  The Hiking Boot
–  The Pale Blue Dot

Episode Eleven: The Mash Up (Listen)

–  Wind Farm Opposition in the News
–  Relevance in Geographic Research
–  Life & Non-Life

Episode Twelve: Fracking Latour (Listen)

–  Bruno Latour & ANT
–  Fracking

Episode Thirteen: Take This! (Listen)

–  Take That Trivia
–  A Short History of Take That

Episode Fourteen: The Sci-Fi Special (Listen)

–  Races & Nations
–  Mainstream Sci-Fi Movies

Episode Fifteen: Live! From Ben’s Living Room! (Listen)

–  Mike Shmidt
–  Estrogen in Fish
–  Street Signs Around Edinburgh

Episode Sixteen: The Final Hour (Listen)

–  SPF Memories & Renewable Heat
–  Motherhood in Alien Films
–  More SPF Memories


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Episode Sixteen: The Final Hour (April 6, 2012)

The fabulous studio in which we recorded the second half of SPF Edinburgh

The Final Show is upon us, already! To mark the occasion, we made sure it was a good one, talking about renewable energy, science fiction films, and some memories of our SPF experiences.

SPF Memories & Renewable Energy Elegy

By: Henry Hawkins
Being his final show ever, Henry got a little carried away on the show today, giving a summary of all the shows he’d done with SPF Ottawa & SPF Edinburgh, and some of his best memories throughout the years. He then talked a little about renewable heat in Scotland, and why the government’s target for 2020 is likely to fail.

Motherhood in the Alien Films
By: Jake Barber
Jake presented an analysis of motherhood in the Alien films, largely looking at the representation of Ripley and the aliens, taking on the metaphors of the ‘bitch’ and the ‘mother’. This segued into a long conversation about some other films – some of which we had seen

Memories of SPF
By: Ben Garlick
Ben took the opportunity to go on a slightly divergent ramble about his experiences with the show, and what we’ve managed to accomplish over the last 6 months of being on the air.

Listen [1:00:00]

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Episode Fifteen: Live! From Ben’s Living Room! (March 30, 2012)

Two of the many historical signs around Edinburgh

Today we were recording in Ben’s living room, and unfortunately had some technological problems which is our excuse for the poor sound quality!

Mike Shmidt & Other Musical Trivia
By: Jake Barber
Jake offered him up to Ben’s whim today, and had his feature’s topic given to him right before he presented. It led to a discussion about Billy Ray Cyrus, and other nonsense.

Estrogen in Fish
By: Ben Garlick
Ben had a very-well original research piece today on the show about the history of estrogen in fish, a report that was definitely not entirely made up. From the early research of Bernard Matthews, to his later hanging in Luxembourg, Ben talked about it all. Then, Jake corrected just a few minor mistakes he had made.

Street Signs Around Edinburgh
By: Henry Hawkins
Based on a recent call for more historical plaques around Edinburgh, Henry talked about a few of the plaques around the city. Plaques for the Ratho murderer, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, Charles Darwin, & The Hammer of the Witches are just a few of the many interesting plaques around the city that were highlighted on the show today.

Listen [1:00:00]

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Episode Fourteen: The Sci-Fi Special (March 23, 2012)

The original Far Side cartoon that indirectly inspired the movie Cowboys And Aliens

Today Ben had the day off, so Henry and Jake got carried away talking about sci-fi, as well as sneaking in a feature about races and nations.

Races & Nations
By: Henry Hawkins
From an idea by Jake, Henry took the question ‘are races and nations outdated concepts?’ and discussed the evolution of these concepts over time. He argued that the are outdated concepts, but they still hold meaning – although they have changed significantly from their original meanings.

Mainstream Science-Fiction Movies
By: Jake Barber
Using the recent catastrophic failure of John Carter From Mars as a springboard, Jake looked at some of the most common mainstream science -fiction films of recent years. He addressed the way science fiction is watered down for mass consumption, and some of the other massive flops from recent years.

Listen [1:00:00]

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Episode Thirteen: Take This! (March 16, 2012)

Perhaps the most famous picture of Take That, everyone’s favourite pop superstars

Henry took the week off, so Ben and Jake were left to dedicate an entire show to everyone’s favourite pop sensations, Take That!

Take That Trivia
By: Jake Barber
Ben and Jake started things off with some Take That trivia, highlighting some of the lesser appreciated facts about Take That in a fun game. Jake threw some questions at Ben, who did astoundingly well, despite having to phone a friend at one point.

A Short History of Take That
By: Ben Garlick & Jake Barber
Jake and Ben then presented a detailed history of Take That, from its early formation, the departure of Robbie Williams, and their triumphant reformation and return to form. A brief review of all the Take That albums followed, breaking of course for some of the greatest (Take That) songs ever.

Listen [1:00:35]

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Episode Twelve: Fracking Latour (March 9, 2012)

A diagram of the natural gas fracking technique

Today on the show we were down a man, as Jake had to take the week off. Henry and Ben made up for his absence, presenting a feature on hydraulic fracturing, and a two-part feature on Bruno Latour and ANT.

Bruno Latour & Actor Network Theory
By: Ben Garlick
Ben presented a two-part feature on Latour and ANT, talking about why Latour is so awesome, of course.

Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing
By: Henry Hawkins
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has expanded huge growth in recent years, as it has opened up massive reserves of natural gas previously inaccessible. It hasn’t been without controversy – in the US, waste water from fracking has been exempted from regulation, despite the use of hundreds of hazardous, even carcinogenic chemicals. Many homes near fracking wells have been found to have methane contamination, with some people being able to light their tap water on fire. Henry talked about some of these issues on the show today.

Listen [1:00:00]

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Episode Eleven: The Mash-Up (March 2, 2012)

The Evolution of Life

Today on the show we had a special episode; we weren’t able to record in the studio, so we recorded all of our parts separately, stuck them together, and saw what happened. Much absurdity ensued, of course! Ben presented a feature on relevance in geographic research, Henry talked about wind farm opposition in the news, and Jake did a feature on life and non-life.

Wind Farm Opposition in the News
By: Henry Hawkins
Recently, Prime Minister Cameron was sent a letter signed by over 100 conservative MPs, opposing the future development of wind turbines. Many other stories of opposition to wind farms developments have been making news recently, and today Henry took a look at the future significance of this opposition, and what it means for Scotland.

Relevance in Geographic Research
By: Ben Garlick
Is relevance in geographic research based on current affairs, wider research, usefulness in the real world, or by popularity? There are a number of ways this topic can be addressed, and Ben considered a few of those ways.

Life & Non-Life
By: Jake Barber
Jake considered the boundaries of life and non-life – how does one consider where life begins and ends, how did it evolve, and how do we measure the fundamental requirements to being considered alive?

Listen [1:00:00]

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