Episode Five: Animals (November 28, 2011)

Today on the show we had our first of what it sure to be many episodes all about animals, looking at religion, fear, and meat eating. We also heard about the week’s headline news stories, and had our Environmental Song O’ The Week, with Life In Jail – Islands.

Eating Animals & Peter Singer
By: Henry Hawkins
Philosopher Peter Singer (who is a big fan of the show!) has published widely on theories about animals ethics since the 1970s, and is one of the few that don’t automatically put non-philosophers to sleep. His theory of speciecism, referring to the way humans implicitly give preference to humans was discussed, and the theory of making moral decisions based on achieving lesser harm.

Animals & Religion
By: Ben Garlick
This morning Ben talked about how animals are viewed through different religions, and religious frameworks. How they are valued, used, eaten (or not), and if animals have moral consideration, or are worthy of an afterlife.

Animals & Domestication
By: Jake Barber
Following on from Ben’s presentation about religion, Jake looked at the domestication of the wolf, of which there are apparently 80,000 domesticated in the US. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t tend to go well for most people.

Listen [56:45]


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