Episode Six: Make It So (December 5, 2011)

This week Henry was away, so Jake and Ben were left to carry the torch by themselves. They more than made up for it with an episode dedicated to Star Wars, Star Trek, with many, many soundboard clips.

The Ethics of Star Wars & Star Trek
By: Jake Barber & Ben Garlick
Jake talked a little bit about the moral codes imparted in TNG, specifically looking at the way the series can be seen as a metaphor for white America, with the crew of the Enterprise helping others whether they are wanted or not.

Ben then looked at Star Wars, examining the typical monoculture representation of worlds, even looking at the cultural identity of wookies. And using many soundboard contributions from captains Picard and Kirk, of course.

Geographical Song Analysis
Rihanna: Umbrella
Taking a look at the obvious geographical elements in Rihanna’s biggest song, Jake and Ben discussed the Jay-zeconomics as well as an interpretation through Marcel Mauss’ The Gift.

Some Rubbish Fieldwork
By: Ben Garlick
Ben wrapped up the show by talking about a bit of fieldwork he plans on doing, observing the ways in which people interact with garbage in cafes.

Listen [59:32]


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