Episode Eleven: The Mash-Up (March 2, 2012)

The Evolution of Life

Today on the show we had a special episode; we weren’t able to record in the studio, so we recorded all of our parts separately, stuck them together, and saw what happened. Much absurdity ensued, of course! Ben presented a feature on relevance in geographic research, Henry talked about wind farm opposition in the news, and Jake did a feature on life and non-life.

Wind Farm Opposition in the News
By: Henry Hawkins
Recently, Prime Minister Cameron was sent a letter signed by over 100 conservative MPs, opposing the future development of wind turbines. Many other stories of opposition to wind farms developments have been making news recently, and today Henry took a look at the future significance of this opposition, and what it means for Scotland.

Relevance in Geographic Research
By: Ben Garlick
Is relevance in geographic research based on current affairs, wider research, usefulness in the real world, or by popularity? There are a number of ways this topic can be addressed, and Ben considered a few of those ways.

Life & Non-Life
By: Jake Barber
Jake considered the boundaries of life and non-life – how does one consider where life begins and ends, how did it evolve, and how do we measure the fundamental requirements to being considered alive?

Listen [1:00:00]


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