Episode Thirteen: Take This! (March 16, 2012)

Perhaps the most famous picture of Take That, everyone’s favourite pop superstars

Henry took the week off, so Ben and Jake were left to dedicate an entire show to everyone’s favourite pop sensations, Take That!

Take That Trivia
By: Jake Barber
Ben and Jake started things off with some Take That trivia, highlighting some of the lesser appreciated facts about Take That in a fun game. Jake threw some questions at Ben, who did astoundingly well, despite having to phone a friend at one point.

A Short History of Take That
By: Ben Garlick & Jake Barber
Jake and Ben then presented a detailed history of Take That, from its early formation, the departure of Robbie Williams, and their triumphant reformation and return to form. A brief review of all the Take That albums followed, breaking of course for some of the greatest (Take That) songs ever.

Listen [1:00:35]


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