The SPF Edinburgh Episode List

Episode One: Halloween (Listen)

–  History of Halloween
–  Halloween’s Americanization
–  Geopolitical Context of Horror Films

Episode Two: Hidden Histories of Edinburgh (Listen)

–  Greyfriars Bobby
–  Green Spaces in Edinburgh
–  The Edinburgh Vaults

Episode Three: A Very Special Musical Guest (Listen)

–  The Black Law Wind Farm
–  Colonial Medicine in India
–  Jack & Helen

Episode Four: Hidden Histories of Edinburgh II (Listen)

–  Local Knowledge & Germaine Greer
–  The Geology of Arthur’s Seat
–  The Real Mary King’s Close

Episode Five: Animals (Listen)

–  Eating Animals and Peter Singer
–  Animals & Religion
–  Animals & Domestication

Episode Six: Make It So (Listen)

–  The Ethics of Star Wars & Star Trek
–  Some Rubbish Fieldwork

Episode Seven: Christmas (Listen)

–  Contested Landscapes of Christmas Lights

Episode Eight: New Season, New Studio (Listen)

–  What is Geography
–  Wheel of Disagreement: Manifest Destiny

Episode Nine: Sleepless on the Sea of Tranquility (Listen)

–  The GDP of Middle Earth
–  Wind Power & NIMBYs
–  Special Soundscape on Moon Exploration

Episode Ten: The Pale Blue Dot (Listen)

– Environmental Impacts
–  The Hiking Boot
–  The Pale Blue Dot

Episode Eleven: The Mash Up (Listen)

–  Wind Farm Opposition in the News
–  Relevance in Geographic Research
–  Life & Non-Life

Episode Twelve: Fracking Latour (Listen)

–  Bruno Latour & ANT
–  Fracking

Episode Thirteen: Take This! (Listen)

–  Take That Trivia
–  A Short History of Take That

Episode Fourteen: The Sci-Fi Special (Listen)

–  Races & Nations
–  Mainstream Sci-Fi Movies

Episode Fifteen: Live! From Ben’s Living Room! (Listen)

–  Mike Shmidt
–  Estrogen in Fish
–  Street Signs Around Edinburgh

Episode Sixteen: The Final Hour (Listen)

–  SPF Memories & Renewable Heat
–  Motherhood in Alien Films
–  More SPF Memories


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