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Episode Nine: Sleepless on the Sea of Tranquility (February 17, 2012)

A map of Middle Earth

Today on the show we heard about the GDP of Middle Earth, wind farm developments and NIMBYs, and had a special feature from Jake on the Moon.

The GDP of Middle Earth
By: Ben Garlick
How do the economies of Rohan, Mordor, and Gondor fit in to typical classifications of GDP? Ben gives it some serious consideration, as well as a discussion of why GDP isn’t such a valuable tool for measuring economic power, growth, or stability.

Wind Power Developments and NIMBYs

By: Henry Hawkins
Why do wind farms provoke so much hostility? Henry discusses some of the typical reasons for local opposition to proposed wind farm developments, from the role of developers, the tradition of decide-announce-defend, and the myth of NIMBYs.

And Then We Hurried Back: A Special Feature on the History of Moon Exploration

By: Jake Barber
Today on the show Jake presented a special feature on the history of moon exploration, piecing together a soundscape with clips from Carl Sagan, the moon landing, and many more. It is the first in a series of special features on space from Jake.

Listen [1:00:19)


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