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Episode Fourteen: The Sci-Fi Special (March 23, 2012)

The original Far Side cartoon that indirectly inspired the movie Cowboys And Aliens

Today Ben had the day off, so Henry and Jake got carried away talking about sci-fi, as well as sneaking in a feature about races and nations.

Races & Nations
By: Henry Hawkins
From an idea by Jake, Henry took the question ‘are races and nations outdated concepts?’ and discussed the evolution of these concepts over time. He argued that the are outdated concepts, but they still hold meaning – although they have changed significantly from their original meanings.

Mainstream Science-Fiction Movies
By: Jake Barber
Using the recent catastrophic failure of John Carter From Mars as a springboard, Jake looked at some of the most common mainstream science -fiction films of recent years. He addressed the way science fiction is watered down for mass consumption, and some of the other massive flops from recent years.

Listen [1:00:00]


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Episode Three: A Very Special Musical Guest (November 14, 2011)

Turbines at the Black Law Wind Farm

Today on the show we had two very special guests: Helen Whale and Jack McCarthy, from the Department of Geography to perform a couple of songs. First they performed an original song called Bumblebee, then a cover of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song.

We also had a special game of Countdown with Jack and Helen, and a couple of features from Henry and Ben.

The Black Law Wind Farm
By: Henry Hawkins
Last week Henry went on a field trip to the Black Law wind farm just outside Forth in Lanarkshire. He talked about the trip, and some fun facts about wind turbines (they are about 22 stories high! the base is made from 550 tonnes of concrete), and discussed some of the practicalities of wind farm power production.

Colonial Medicine in India
By: Ben Garlick
This morning Ben looked at the relationship between local knowledge of medicine and Western concepts of science in India. Through the lens of colonialism, he discussed how the perspectives clashed over the years, and the British goal of ordering, understanding, and conquering representations of the body through medicine.

Listen [1:00:56]

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