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Episode Sixteen: The Final Hour (April 6, 2012)

The fabulous studio in which we recorded the second half of SPF Edinburgh

The Final Show is upon us, already! To mark the occasion, we made sure it was a good one, talking about renewable energy, science fiction films, and some memories of our SPF experiences.

SPF Memories & Renewable Energy Elegy

By: Henry Hawkins
Being his final show ever, Henry got a little carried away on the show today, giving a summary of all the shows he’d done with SPF Ottawa & SPF Edinburgh, and some of his best memories throughout the years. He then talked a little about renewable heat in Scotland, and why the government’s target for 2020 is likely to fail.

Motherhood in the Alien Films
By: Jake Barber
Jake presented an analysis of motherhood in the Alien films, largely looking at the representation of Ripley and the aliens, taking on the metaphors of the ‘bitch’ and the ‘mother’. This segued into a long conversation about some other films – some of which we had seen

Memories of SPF
By: Ben Garlick
Ben took the opportunity to go on a slightly divergent ramble about his experiences with the show, and what we’ve managed to accomplish over the last 6 months of being on the air.

Listen [1:00:00]


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Episode Fourteen: The Sci-Fi Special (March 23, 2012)

The original Far Side cartoon that indirectly inspired the movie Cowboys And Aliens

Today Ben had the day off, so Henry and Jake got carried away talking about sci-fi, as well as sneaking in a feature about races and nations.

Races & Nations
By: Henry Hawkins
From an idea by Jake, Henry took the question ‘are races and nations outdated concepts?’ and discussed the evolution of these concepts over time. He argued that the are outdated concepts, but they still hold meaning – although they have changed significantly from their original meanings.

Mainstream Science-Fiction Movies
By: Jake Barber
Using the recent catastrophic failure of John Carter From Mars as a springboard, Jake looked at some of the most common mainstream science -fiction films of recent years. He addressed the way science fiction is watered down for mass consumption, and some of the other massive flops from recent years.

Listen [1:00:00]

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Episode Ten: The Pale Blue Dot (February 24, 2012)

The famous Pale Blue Dot photo

Today on the show Henry talked about how environmental really is, Ben discussed the hiking boot from a geographical perspective (naturally), and Jake reflected on the Pale Blue Dot Photo. Shipping & Environmentalism
By: Henry Hawkins
Amazon ships millions of parcels around the world every year, but how damaging to the environment are they really? Henry talked about the move toward e-books, emission accounting, and how Amazon is one of the few companies who do not report their carbon emissions, or have any plan to do so.

The Hiking Boot
By: Ben Garlick
Ben looked at the ‘mundane geography’ of the Hiking boot, and how it represents our relationship with nature on a daily basis. The boot is one technology of many that mediate our relationships, and alter the link between the natural and the social.

The Pale Blue Dot
By: Jake Barber
On the Apollo 17 mission, the astronauts turned around to take a photo of the earth, which resulted in the famous Blue Marble photo – the very first photo of the entire Earth ever taken. It became a very significant photograph, for the environmentalism movement, as well as for how we view our planet as ‘Spaceship Earth’. When the Voyager probe left Earth in the 70s it turned around when in had left the solar system to take a photo of Earth at a distance, which became the photo of the ‘Pale Blue Dot’.

Listen [1:00:00]

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Episode Nine: Sleepless on the Sea of Tranquility (February 17, 2012)

A map of Middle Earth

Today on the show we heard about the GDP of Middle Earth, wind farm developments and NIMBYs, and had a special feature from Jake on the Moon.

The GDP of Middle Earth
By: Ben Garlick
How do the economies of Rohan, Mordor, and Gondor fit in to typical classifications of GDP? Ben gives it some serious consideration, as well as a discussion of why GDP isn’t such a valuable tool for measuring economic power, growth, or stability.

Wind Power Developments and NIMBYs

By: Henry Hawkins
Why do wind farms provoke so much hostility? Henry discusses some of the typical reasons for local opposition to proposed wind farm developments, from the role of developers, the tradition of decide-announce-defend, and the myth of NIMBYs.

And Then We Hurried Back: A Special Feature on the History of Moon Exploration

By: Jake Barber
Today on the show Jake presented a special feature on the history of moon exploration, piecing together a soundscape with clips from Carl Sagan, the moon landing, and many more. It is the first in a series of special features on space from Jake.

Listen [1:00:19)

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Episode Six: Make It So (December 5, 2011)

This week Henry was away, so Jake and Ben were left to carry the torch by themselves. They more than made up for it with an episode dedicated to Star Wars, Star Trek, with many, many soundboard clips.

The Ethics of Star Wars & Star Trek
By: Jake Barber & Ben Garlick
Jake talked a little bit about the moral codes imparted in TNG, specifically looking at the way the series can be seen as a metaphor for white America, with the crew of the Enterprise helping others whether they are wanted or not.

Ben then looked at Star Wars, examining the typical monoculture representation of worlds, even looking at the cultural identity of wookies. And using many soundboard contributions from captains Picard and Kirk, of course.

Geographical Song Analysis
Rihanna: Umbrella
Taking a look at the obvious geographical elements in Rihanna’s biggest song, Jake and Ben discussed the Jay-zeconomics as well as an interpretation through Marcel Mauss’ The Gift.

Some Rubbish Fieldwork
By: Ben Garlick
Ben wrapped up the show by talking about a bit of fieldwork he plans on doing, observing the ways in which people interact with garbage in cafes.

Listen [59:32]

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